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Personalised Therapy Messages for Vision 3

Update: 17th August 2015

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How it works…

When you call up a drug in Vision through the “Acute Therapy – Add” or “Repeat Master – Add” screens (which includes Re-authorise), your assigned message will be displayed in an “information prompt screen” as shown below if a text match is found in either the drug name or drug class.

Drug Message Display

How to use it…Program Menu

The program is made up into two sections:

  1. Add the drug name (or Drug Class) text you want to search when prescribing
  2. Add and assign a message to display when found.

When you first start the program no interface will be displayed, it will just show an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen where the system clock may reside.

program icon

Right mouse click on the icon to display the menu (as shown)

Select - Add Therapy to List

This will open a txt file for you to add drug name (or Drug Class) text. These names may be the full drug description or partial words and MUST each be entered on a separate line.

The program will search for ANY word you enter in the txt file, to any found in the Vision drug name or drug class
upon being added to the patient record. It is not case sensitive.

NOTE: Whatever you type in this Therapy.txt file must be an EXACT match to a portion of the drug
description in Vision!

Therefore make sure you enter correct drug descriptions, i.e. those found exactly as shown in the
drug description (or drug class) when prescribing in Vision. Entering less text will produce more hits.

For example entering “ASPIRIN” will display your message wherever the word “Aspirin” appears

Entering “Aspirin 75mg dispersible tablets” will only display the prompt if this specific drug is

These examples would not work:

Close the Therapy.txt file when you have finished entering the drug descriptions.

Now select – Setup Script Messages

Click the Drug Name… drop down list and you will see the names you entered previously will be

  1. Once you have selected your drug text, enter the message you would like displayed when this drug
    is prescribed in Vision or match to a drug class.

  2. Then click “Save Message”

Setup Drug Message

Repeat the above for each drug message and click the Close button (red cross) when finished.

You may edit the message at any time, by selecting the drug in this screen pressing Save Message to
overwrite any previous.

If there is no message assigned to a drug in the list, it will simply not display the message at all, i.e. it
will not display a blank message prompt when prescribing.

Exiting the program…

Use the right mouse menu and select Exit or press Ctrl+Esc.

Starting the program…

You may create a shortcut on your desktop from the right mouse menu or if you manage your own practice server you may add this program to your Windows profile Startup folder, which would then start the program automatically when you login to your computer.

You can also add the program to the Vision local guideline index, which would make the program available to everybody, but they would need to click this button to start the program.

Download a Free 7 day Trial

This is a full working version of the software.

Download Free Demo!

Designed for Windows® Software
Updated: 17/08/2015 - Version 1.3

Tested on Vision DLM483 and works on LAN, WES, AEROS and all other hosted environments

Once you have clicked the download button, select the RUN option > RUN > UNZIP

Licence Agreement

This program may only be used after the trial period once a practice licence has been purchased from TailorMade Information Technology Solutions Ltd and is subject to the EULA.

Licence support and further program updates are only valid for 1 year. Thereafter any further program updates and support will require a licence renewal.

Note: Your original purchased program may be used indefinitely.

Purchasing Information

We accept BACS or cheque made out to: TailorMade Info. Tech. Solutions Ltd

Postal Address: Hayward Lodge, The Green, Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9RQ

Please send an cheque for £25.00+VAT and email to providing the following information in your email:

On receipt of your payment and request, we will send you an email reply which will include download instructions for the licensed version of the program. Please note that this will include an attached invoice.

Add Program to Vision Guideline

Follow these steps to add a shortcut button to your Local Guideline Index within Consultation Manager.

  1. Open Consultation Manager

  2. Click the Local Guideline Index Button in the top toolbar
    Local Guideline Index

  3. Click the Maintain button on the Local Guideline Index toolbar
    Maintain Mode

  4. A new floating toolbar will now appear, click the Application button on this toolbar
    Application button

  5. Click the Browse button to locate the Therapy_Messages.exe program

  6. Enter a description to be displayed on the button or icon

  7. Remove the "Display as icon" tick to show a button rather than an icon.

  8. Click OK

  9. Click the Maintain button on the Local Guideline Index toolbar to save changes

"Everybody now has access to this program from the Local Guideline Index!"

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