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Document Template Pick List

"Now includes ability to record Read codes with document!"

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How it works…

This great little utility should be used within the local guideline index for easy access and provides a very quick way to find and open any document template in Vision, without having to hunt for them!

"No more having to scroll through numerous folders or documents to find the one you want!"

Ordinarily document merge fields do not work when opening a letter from a Vision guideline, but using this utility they will as it calls them from the Add - Correspondence form.

There is also a quick search facility if the list gets to big, to enable you to search for the document name within the list view. Alternatively, use any of the column headers to sort A-Z.

This latest version now includes an option to record a Read code for each document selected from the list view and an option to view the document in the Editing screen. This will open the actual document directly in its location to allow it to be edited.

List View

To add a document to the list, use the right mouse click feature anywhere in the list and select Add Document (as shown above)

  1. Enter a summary document description, which will be written into the Vision Correspondence entity

  2. Select the type of merge fields that you have used (if any) in the document.

  3. Click the Browse button to locate the document to automatically open.

  4. Enter an optional Read code and free text description

Add/Edit a Document

NOTE: You must select the correct Type of Letter merge fields used in the document, otherwise it will fail to open. We have added in brackets next to each Type of Letter description the merge field it will be looking for. Therefore as long as it has any one of the merge fields it will work.

For example: if you have added recall merge fields to the document, but leave it as referral, this will fail. However, as patient merge fields make up all choices, you could select either Patient or Recall for it to work.

Use the right mouse click option to Edit a document description or hyperlink, and delete a document from the list.

To open a document either double-click it in the list, or use the File menu or right mouse click option and select Open document.

If no Read code is added it will simply open the document, otherwise a Read code will be recorded in a medical history first and once this is closed it will open the requested document.

Template List Contents

Please be careful when altering anything in this file as it may corrupt the way the document is opened or viewed in the program list. It may be prudent to take a copy of the file before altering anything.

The document list view reads a .csv file located with the program. If you wish to rearrange the document order when initially opened, please feel free to alter the .csv file directly from the File menu within the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This utility does NOT use the referral form in Consultation Manager, therefore if you need to select specific hospitals and departments held within the referral form or create a Choose and Book referral, do not include these documents in the list.

Download a Free 7 day Trial

This is a full working version of the software. (Vision DLM485+ Ready)

Download Free Demo!

Designed for Windows® Vista™, XP, 2000, Win7/8
Tested on Vision DLM485 - 19/04/2016

Click the Run prompts when displayed, then click UNZIP button to extract and open the program.

The default program location when downloading is P:\WORDPROC\TEMPLATE.

License Agreement

This program may only be used after the trial period once a practice license has been purchased from TailorMade Information Technology Solutions Ltd for £25.00+VAT and is subject to the EULA.

License support and further program updates are only valid for 1 year. Thereafter any further program updates and support will require a license renewal.

Note: You original purchased program may be used indefinitely.

Purchasing Information

To purchase this program please send and email to

Providing the following information in your email:

On receipt of your email request, we will send you an email reply which will include download instructions for the licensed version of the program. Please note that this will include an attached invoice. BACS payments and cheque are excepted.

Add Application to Vision Guideline

Follow these steps to add a shortcut button to your Local Guideline Index within Consultation Manager to open the Document Template Pick List application.

  1. Open Consultation Manager

  2. Click the Local Guideline Index Button in the top toolbar
    Local Guideline Index

  3. Click the Maintain button on the Local Guideline Index toolbar
    Maintain Mode 

  4. A new floating toolbar will now appear, click the Application button on this toolbar
    Application button

  5. Click the Browse button to locate this Document Template Pick List program 

  6. Enter a description to be displayed on the button or icon

  7. Remove the "Display as icon" tick to show a button rather than an icon.

  8. Click OK

  9. Click the Maintain button on the Local Guideline Index toolbar to save changes

Everybody now has access to this Document Template Pick List from the Local Guideline Index

New Application

NOTE: The program automatically creates a template.csv file in the working directory that holds the executable program. Therefore should you wish to create different lists to hold specific documents rather than putting them all in one list, just create a new folder and copy the same program into this folder. It will now create a new template.csv file in that new folder.

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