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Word Processing - Vision Support

Enabling the Vision insert merge fields toolbar button in Microsoft Word

Sending a referral letter by email on a hosted server from Microsoft Word.

This is a very simple task on a LAN site, especially if you use your local copy of Microsoft Outlook to send emails, as you would only need to click the File menu > Send To > Mail Recipient (as Attachment)

However on a hosted server Microsoft Outlook is not available, and you may also be using a web based email account like NHS Mail.

The other important issue here for all environments when sending any document from Microsoft Word is that you should ideally protect it from being edited and the easiest way to do this is to save it as a PDF file type.

Once you have finished writing out the referral letter...

  1. Click Save to save your current changes in the Word document attached to the patient record
  2. Click File menu > Save As – and save it in an easy to find folder like My Documents
    Save As
  3. Change Type to PDF
    Save As Type
  4. Now open you NHS net email account and attach the letter from My Documents folder or wherever you saved it to...

Copy or back up your AutoText entries in Microsoft Word.

Auto text entries are normally saved by default into the Microsoft Word template, and therefore if you copy this file away it becomes your backup copy. If you want to use it on a different computer, just replace the original file with your backup copy. Each user will normally have their own version of this file, which will be stored in the following folder :

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Click this link to copy your own personal template file into your My Documents folder.

When asked just click the Run button...

If you on a remote server (hosted solution) you will need to copy this file up to the remote server and save it into a known folder, like your My Documents folder or global drive if you want to share it. If you are having problems achieving this, please ring the Vision helpline and ask them to upload the file for you.
Once on the server and you know where the file has been saved to, follow these steps to transfer the AutoText Entries to the hosted file or new template on another computer:

  1. Open a normal Microsoft Word document on the hosted environment
  2. Click on the Tools menu Templates and Add-ins...
  3. Click the Organizer button
  4. Click on the AutoText tab
  5. In the left window click the Close button
  6. Now click Open File (which it has now changed to)
  7. Locate your file you uploaded earlier (which has all your AutoText entries in)
  8. Then highlight all the items you want to copy (or one at a time) and click the Copy button
  9. Click Close

You will now have transferred all your AutoText entries into the new template file.

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