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Registration - Vision Support

Incomplete Registration Links (weekly run report)

  1. Run this report from the Registration module
  2. Click the Report menu and select "Incomplete Patient Records…"
  3. Select Active from the Registration Status list
  4. Select the Incomplete Registration Links option
  5. Click the Detailed option
  6. Click Ok to run the report

If any patients appear on the list (apart from those who just have an NHS number missing) it means that these patient records have NOT been sent to the HA, because mandatory data has been missed.

In which case print off the report and close it, then open each patients record in registration:

  1. Click the Action menu
  2. Re-registration (or Acceptance) and go through the screens filling in the red mandatory fields. (The only red field you can leave blank is the NHS number.) The General screen (last) is normally where most errors are made.

Medical Records not received by TP (weekly run report)

Run report from the Action menu.

This is a list a patients where you have sent the notes to the HA, yet they have not confirmed receipt of them. This could take a few weeks it depends on how fast the HA turn things around. If the HA have acknowledged receipt of the medical records, you can remove the flag manually (although it is normally an automatic process)

To remove the medical record flag for the patient from the list:

  1. Close the list
  2. Click on the Security menu
  3. Select Clear Medical Record Flag
  4. Select the patient where you want to clear the medical record flag
  5. Put a tick in the box and press OK

Medical Records not sent to TP (weekly run report)

Run report from the Action menu each week

This is a list of transferred out patient/s and the HA are still waiting for the medical records to be sent to them. (They only appear in this list if they are over the 2 week deadline).

  1. Highlight each patient one at a time from the list
  2. Click the little blue patient button
  3. Click the Other tab
  4. Type in Date records Sent to TP
  5. Press OK

Respond to FP69 Prior Notifications (monthly run report)

Run report from the Action menu each month

Expired or expiring FP69 Prior Notifications (monthly run report)

Run report from the Action menu

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