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Registration Links - Vision Support

Click here to download a detailed registration links help document for Vision that includes examples

Below is a brief guide with regards to dealing with registration links.

Dealing with Incoming Transactions

  1. Select Messaging section
  2. Click Registration Links
  3. Close the Daily Status Report
  4. Click the Action menu and select Transaction Management...
  5. Select the In-coming Transaction option and click the Process button
    • This is a list of all the transaction that have been sent to your practice from the HA. All you need to do is Process each message and confirm by pressing the appropriate button (i.e. Deduct / Accept / Approve)
  6. If you receive an Acceptance (Rej) transaction message, these patients can only be cleared either by;
    • Replying back to the HA with the information required (Press the Re-accept button)
    • Phone the Vision links help line to remove the patient from the Incoming Transaction list and transfer them out. This will unfreeze the patient record allowing you to either leave the patient record as T/O or re-register the patient detailing the requested information from the HA

Outstanding Error Files

These are incoming transactions (as above), however they have gone into error for some reason and you will now have to deal with them manually within the Registration module, Security menu. The message may contain the NHS No of the patient, which is the only way you will be able to identify the relevant patient. If it doesn’t you will have to contact the HA reg links dept and quote the message number, and they will be able to tell you the patient.

To resolve the error message types below; open the Registration module, click on the Security menu:

  1. Unmatched Deduction – Click Deduct Patient > Select patient > Select a reason for deduction (which should be in the error message)

  2. Unmatched Approval - Click Approve Patient > Select patient > Enter the patients NHS No. in the bottom box.

  3. Unmatched Amendment – Open the patient record and make the necessary change. Unless it is the NHS No. in which case click on the Security menu > Amend NHS No > Select patient > enter the NHS number.

  4. Unmatched MR Flag Removal – Click Clear Medical Record Flag > put a tick in the box > press OK

  5. Unmatched MR Sent – You can't really do much about accept note the event. Open the patient record > Select the Notes tab > write a note like “MR sent on the ??/??/2006” (error message date)

Note: Delete each error message after you have completed the relevant procedure mentioned above.

Unacknowledged Acceptances - over 1 or 2 weeks old

This is a list of newly registered patients which have been sent to the HA. If the patient has been on this list for more than a week or two, you should ring the HA to confirm they have received their registration.

If they have not received the registration, they may ask you to send it again.

Note that the steps must be followed in the above order i.e. First Approve, then Deduct, then Re-register. However do stop at any stage that suits your required outcome.

Medical Records sent by TP Report

Run report each week from Action menu > click Reports > select from Report drop down list “Medical Records sent by TP Report”
This is a list of patient medical records that have been sent to you by the HA.

Once you receive the medical records, you should open Registration;

  1. Select patient (i.e. F3 or little blue patient button)
  2. Click the Other tab
  3. Remove the tick from “Records Sent by TP”
    This will send back the acknowledgement of receipt.

Quarterly Archive

Click Security menu > Quarterly Archive > highlight date > select appropriate HA > OK
Note: If you are asked for a floppy disk, please contact the helpline so that they may update your system to save to a folder instead.

This will produce 2 sets of reports, one to be sent to the HA, the other for the practice to keep.

GP Communicator

Click on the Messaging section > select GP Communicator

Click the Attention folder (note please ignore the pending folder). The Attention is where messages have not been acknowledged correctly and have gone into error. (If in doubt, please contact the Vision helpline)

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