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Control Panel - Vision Support

Add drug manufacturer, so you can add batch numbers to prescriptions

This is a two stage process; you must add a drug manufacturer first in Control Panel, before you can add batch numbers in the therapy screen.

Adding the Drug Manufacturer

  1. Open Management Tools > Control Panel > File Maintenance
  2. Select Organisation button
  3. Highlight Drug manufacturer (yellow folder)
  4. Click Add button (or right mouse click)
  5. Type in the drug manufacturers name in the Name text box
  6. Type in a Mnemonic code for the drug manufacturer
  7. Press OK

Adding Batch No's in therapy – add screen

  1. Open the Consultation Manager
  2. Press F4 to open the Acute drug screen
  3. Press F8 to add a new drug
  4. Type in and select the vaccination drug you are going to use
  5. Right mouse click anywhere on the drug form, (when the actual drug has been selected)
  6. Select "Batch Numbers" > “Add”
  7. Select the required Drug Manufacturer > enter the Batch No & Expiry date.
  8. Press OK and repeat steps 5 > 7 to enter all the batch numbers required.

The expiry date needs to be entered using a full date format i.e. D/M/Y

Security Rights - Registration ModuleRegistration Module

Implementing security restrictions in registration. The following image shows how all staff(All Users) can only add new patients and edit registration details. However only System Managers will be able to use the merge, patient restriction and security menu features.

The groups shown in the image are just for demonstration purposes. You should of course change these accordingly as you see fit in your practice to the appropriate users or groups in your system. This simply demonstrates how to set up the registration module security rights.

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