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Smart Clinic is ready to go as soon as you open it!

We hope that you'll find Smart Clinic very intuitive and therefore won't need to much help, but just in case we have provided the following assistance.

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Smart Clinic Version 5 will only work with Vision 3 DLM485 or above, and has been designed for Microsoft Windows® Software.

Support is NOT managed by Vision and must be directed to us via email

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Download this Smart Clinic Quick tips document!

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Smart Clinic

Smart Clinic has read/write capabilities directly with Vision and is able to read the patient record and report back allergy warnings and prescribed antibacterial medication, also missing immunisations and preset the next appropriate stage for each immunisation.

It also enables accurate payment codes to be applied to each immunisation for submissions to organisations like Open Exeter.

The reason why Smart Clinic makes it so easy to enter data is that it allows you to be prepared before each clinic!

The batch details screen is where all the essential data can be stored in advance and it is here that you decide how the data should be recorded into the patient record. This then enables quick and accurate multi-data entry each time an immunisation is administered with the click of a button!

Getting Started

As soon as you open Smart Clinic for the very first time you will see a list of immunisations displayed in the left window.

When selecting an immunisation in this left list you will immediately see the Add Stock button.

Click this to enter the batch details for the selected immunisation

Add Stock

Click here to know what all the batch fields are when adding stock.


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