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Smart Clinic Updates

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If you feel that this program may still be improved, please submit your request for change to, as it's only this good because of your feedback!

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Smart Clinic (v5.84)

Fix: It will now automatically remove duplicate drugs from the "Issued Stock" report, if all the fields are identical.

If you have v5 Smart Clinic already installed, please download this update to obtain all the new features.Smart Clinic Update

Downloading this update will retain all your current data and settings.

Download v5.84 UPDATE here!

Please make sure everyone is out of Smart Clinic BEFORE unzipping the update!

If you look in the folder O:\Download\Smart Imm Clinic and see either of these two files "SICReadEntity.laccdb" or "SmartClinic.ldb", someone is using Smart Clinic or has it open and the database is locked; therefore the update will not work.

Once these two files do not exist in the folder, you can apply the update.

Note: If you are having problems downloading from the above link, try the HIVE Download

Smart Clinic (v5.83)

Smart Clinic (v5.81)

Smart Clinic (v5.74)

Release 11/01/2019

Smart Clinic (v5.70)

Release 10/10/2018

Smart Clinic (v5.68)

Release 08/10/2018

Smart Flu Clinic (v1.17)

Release 08/10/2018

Smart Clinic (v5.62)

Release 18/09/2018

Smart Clinic (v5.61)

Smart Clinic (v5.60)

Release 09/09/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.59)

Release 17/07/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.58)

Release 05/07/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.55)

Release 30/05/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.54)

Release 25/05/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.51)

Release 06/04/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.49)

Release 22/02/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.47)

Release 18/01/2018:

Smart Clinic (v5.45)

Release 21/12/2017: Just a few code changes to improve performance.

Smart Clinic (v5.42)

Release 24/10/2017 includes:

Smart Clinic (v5.39)

Release 04/10/2017 includes:

Smart Clinic (v5.36)

Release 04/09/2017 includes:

Smart Clinic (v5.34)

Follow this link for more information on all the new updates

Smart Clinic (v5.33)

Smart Clinic (v5.32)

Smart Imm Clinic (v5.17)

Smart Imm Clinic (v4) - Scotland

These files are password protected! You must obtain a valid licence for 2018-19

v4.1.2 Smart Imm Clinic (Update) Release date: 19/09/2018

v4.1.2 Smart Imm Clinic (New Install) Release date: 19/09/2018

Version 4.1.2 now includes:

Version 4.1.1 (14/09/2018) now includes:

Fluad vaccine suspension for injection 0.5ml pre-filled syringes (Seqirus Vaccines Ltd)

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