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Smart Clinic v5 Tips & Advice

This page tries to provide you with tips and advice about Smart Clinic and Smart Flu Clinic that you may not necessarily know about.

Note: Always make sure you are running the latest version of Smart Clinic!



Change to Childhood Immunisations for 2020 effecting PCV

NHS Routine Childhood Immunisation Schedule from Jan 2020

Vision will be updating the PCV immunisation in Vision shorty by introducing a new 2 dose PCV immunisation and putting the current 3 dose PCV to the back screen under "Show All".

In the meantime, you can update Smart Clinic immediately, by changing the setting under the immunisation rules:

  1. Select the childhood PCV pneumococcal in Smart Clinic
  2. Click the List menu and select "Immunisation rules"
  3. Change the settings to match the image below

657L.00 Next Stage = 2 | Months Age from = 3 | Months Age to = 60 | Due Date Offset Months = 9

PCV Settings in Smart Clinic

Note: If you use Prevenar 13 as well, you will need to update that using the same settings

Page section updated: 06/01/2020

Batch number and drug name already exist...

You will receive this warning message if you try to add the same batch number under the same drug to a new batch card:

Same Batch Already Exists

Previously, Smart Clinic allowed you to create multiple batch cards of the same batch number, but this then produced separate reporting lines under "Issued Stock" reports for each of these same batch numbers, and many practices thought it was confusing when counting the total amount used for the batch as they appeared in different places in the report.

Therefore Smart Clinic now warns you if the batch you are trying to add already exists, so that you can locate it and just increase the quantity.

This then provides a single stock line for the batch number in the "Issued Stock" reports.

To locate the batch number that already exists:

  1. Open Smart Clinic
  2. Select the Immunisation for the batch number you are trying to locate
  3. Remove the tick from “Exclude expired/no stock
    Exclude Expired Stock...
  4. Press Ctrl+F (or use the Stock menu and select “Quick Find Batch Card”)
  5. Start typing out the batch number and it will quickly start listing best matches
  6. Once on the correct one, press “Go To” button
  7. Select Edit button and increase your stock number

ADVICE: Drug Name Update

The Smart Clinic v5.62 update will now allow you to free text drug names if it doesn't appear in the active Vision drug dictionary list, when creating new batches.

This will then enter the drug name with the immunisation when recorded in the patient record, regardless of the fact that it cannot be issued as a script in Vision.

Therefore the following vaccines can now be entered using Smart Clinic:

Note: You should either type or copy the exact drug name descriptions shown above into the batch drug name field, as these will be the actual names that will be added to the Vision drug dictionary.

  1. Create a new batch or edit an existing one
  2. Paste a drug name shown above into the drug name field
  3. Enter all the other details and click Update

ADVICE: Scripts cannot be created for Inactive staff/prescribers

If you receive this warning message when issuing a prescription through Smart Clinic, this is because it has detected that the input operator is not a prescriber or they or the patients Usual GP are marked as inactive in Vision.

Script Error Msg

If you check in Vision Control Panel > Staff list; the input operator or the patients usual GP may show in the active staff list. We have found that if you inactivate the staff member in Vision and then immediately re-activate them again it resolves the issue.

Steps to inactivate/reactivate the staff member

  1. Open Vision Control Panel via the Management Tools tab
  2. Select File Maintenance > Staff
  3. Select staff name in active list and click the Edit button
  4. Tick Inactive
  5. Vision will display a "Users" message box. Untick the user name and press OK, as you do not want to remove them from Security in this situation.
  6. The Staff name will now be added to the Inactive staff list
  7. Immediately right mouse click on the staff name and select Reactivate

This will reset the inactive flag in Vision and resolve the issue. The above steps can still be carried out while the staff member is currently signed into Vision.

Watch for the Hands icon

Hands Icon This appears with influenza and DTAPIPV vaccines


There is a quick code for patients under 65 years of age not at risk.

Click the hands icon to enter: 9OX4.00 Needs influenza immunisation – This is picked up by clinical audit as a Clinical Judgement code.

Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis / Polio

When recording DTAPIPV there is a quick code for pregnant patients. The hands icon will enter: 6556.00 Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy – This is required for claiming purposes.
Note: that this will only show with female patients.

Quick Find for Batch Number

If you are running the latest version or higher than 5.50 you can now press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to show a quick find screen. This is also available in the Stock menu.

Just start typing the batch number you want or choice it from the drop down list and it will take you straight to the batch card.

Quick Batch No. Location

This is useful where there are many different batch cards to look through that have very similar batch codes.

This shortcut key (Ctrl+F) feature also works in Smart Flu Clinic or you can right mouse click on any batch in the list to display this screen.

Issued Stock Report count

If you are running the latest version or higher than 5.51 you can now filter by drug name.

Issued Stock Search

This is very useful for counting all your FP34D/PPA claims. You can also print this list.

Want a 100% guarantee you don’t miss FP34D/PPA claims

 Take a look at Treatment Types! the link includes help video's

Treatment Type Icon

Treatment Types allows you to create your own practice data entry templates, with the advantage of preparing how the data is going to be recorded.

You can setup the treatment type regime to automatically enter a read code(s) with a drug.

Zoladex Treatment Type

This is especially useful for FP34D/PPA as you can setup each drug to be marked as “Personally Administered”.

Now when the data is recorded all the drug settings have been pre-set, making it quicker for the clinician, and just as importantly it now makes it easier for admin to find the FP34D/PPA claim using a simply Vision search of just those personally administered last month or use the “Issued Stock Count” in Smart Clinic.

Vision Search for FP34 or PPA claims

There should be some Treatment Type examples already in Smart Clinic if you click the Treatment Types icon or you can setup new treatment types or amend any existing ones via the List menu

Update Smart Clinic

Updating Smart Clinic takes seconds. Just make sure nobody is using Smart Clinic before applying the update otherwise it cannot replace the program file.

  1. Click the Help menu and click Check for updates
  2. This will take you to the Updates webpage
  3. Close Smart Clinic - press Shift+Esc or use the File menu to Exit Program
  4. Click “Download UPDATE here!” button on the webpage
  5. Click RUN > YES > UNZIP > OK

That’s it! The whole practice is now up to date.

To check that it has worked you will see the version number on the splash screen in the bottom left corner or click the Help menu > About

The version number should match the latest one on the website.

Note: If you simply can't get everyone out of Smart Clinic you can rename the existing SmartClinic.exe file in O:\Download\Smart Imm Clinic folder to something like "SmartClinicOld".exe, then apply the update. The next time users sign in they will be using the latest SmartClinic.exe version.

Update Immunisation Rules

As the child immunisation rules keep changing you can update each immunisations default settings in Smart Clinic.

  1. Select the immunisation
  2. Click the List menu and click on Immunisation Rules
    Immunisation Rules
  3. This will now display the "Rules Set-up" screen, which also controls certain fields on the immunisation form

Imm Rules

For example you can update PCV (shown above) from a 3 stage to a 2 stage and alter the next due date
So that it will now shows PCV as this:
Change Immunisation rules

Note: You may also change the default Reason, Method and Site when an immunisation is selected, but be aware that this will reside across the whole practice.

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