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Vision Data Compiled in Microsoft Excel

Below are various Microsoft Excel workbooks that you may download, which will compile data from a Vision 3 search into a specific format.

Please feel free to submit a request for an automatically compiled Excel workbook for your Vision searches.

All programs on this web page are subject to our freeware licence agreement.

Table of Contents

Extract All Active Patient Addresses (DLM485+)

This will extract all the active patient address details and present it in Microsoft Excel. This includes standard patient demographic data as well.

Free Download!

Updated: 11/04/2016 - Version 1.0
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010

Child Immunisation Analysis + Open Exeter Upload

This download includes 2 versions; one for Excel 2003 and the other for higher versions of Microsoft Excel. Vision MUST be on DLM485 and above to use this. This is a self contained data extraction workbook.
Just sign into Vision > Open the Excel workbook > click the compile button.

It will provide a full analysis of all the child immunisations ideally for those under 5 years of age. The age may be adjusted to suit.

It also includes a output that can be uploaded to Open Exeter for those sites that submit their immunisations this way.
The Open Exeter output includes all stages for: MMR, 5IN1, MENC and Booster

While the whole XL workbook will show immunisation stages for: MMR, DTAPIPVHIB, DTAPIPV, MENC, HIBMENC, MENB, ROTAVIRUS, PNEUMO, FLUSIN

It displays each stage on a separate tab with lots of information about each immunisation. Where there are multiple stages there is an analysis tab to show what stages have been given (or not), when the next stage is due and how far outside the due date it was given in days.

This should provide your practice with a complete picture of all the child immunisations at the click of a button.

It may take a few minutes to compile for practices with a large list size, as it will show all immunisations for each child within the age group entered.

Child Immunisations - Target Report

This uses the Vision Childhood Target report to extract all the child immunisation data into Excel and compile it ready for upload to Open Exeter. It also comes with step-by-step instructions


  1. When following the instructions for exporting it out of Vision, the default is “Character Separated Value” and you MUST change this to Comma Separated Value (CSV). You can normally tell that you have missed this, because the output file is a complete mess once compiled in Excel. Whereas a CSV output would have all the immunisations organised into neat columns.
  2. If the output is organised any fields that have an Eventdate with no “Y” against them, are those given out of practice and you MUST type an N in this cell against the date.
  3. If the patient has no imms whatsoever you will need to delete this line in Excel completely.
  4. You will have to manually enter the GP code and Practice code. This information you can obtain from Open Exeter. However, feedback from other practices have said that where the column header says Practice code, Open Exeter actually wants your health authority code.
  5. Please do not change the layout or column headers once compiled in Excel, as there is a strict format that Open Exeter require this in for a successful upload.

Free Download!

Updated: 28/10/2015 - Version 1.0 (DLM485+ ready)
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010

All Child Immunisations for Kent HA

This was written specifically for the Kent HA and extracts all immunisations for 0-4 yrs & 5-18 yrs within a date range set by you within the workbook and compiles the data in Microsoft Excel which can then be sent to the relevant Health Authority.

This extract requires a Vision search and will only work up to DLM483. Full instructions are in the Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Free Download!

Updated: 28/10/2015 - Version 1.0
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010

This extract requires no Vision search. It will compile the data directly from the Microsoft Excel workbook.
The default extraction path is O:\Download\Excel

Free Download! (DLM485+)

Written for DLM485+ 02/04/2016 - Version 1.2
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010

Wales Flu Clinic - Open Exeter

The following have been written specifically for Welsh Vision Practices. The reports import all the seasonal immunisations into Microsoft Excel, then automatically applies the correct paycodes for each selected Welsh region.

Once the paycodes have been checked, return to the README sheet and click the "Create Open Exeter Extract" button to save it as a CSV file laid out in the correct format ready to upload to Open Exeter.

Note: This version reads the paycodes listed within the Microsoft Excel file and applies the correct paycodes based on the Open Exeter rules. It does not take the pay codes from Vision.


Due to the complexities of coding the correct Open Exeter pay codes for FLU in 2019-20 with regards to QIVe, QIVc and aTIV, the Excel report will read the batch number field or free text comments looking for the word QIVc and depend on the patients age will apply the correct code or relevant alternative.

If you are using Smart Clinic you simply need to include QIVc anywhere in the batch number field of the relevant vaccine for it to be recognised by the Excel report.

If you need a simple way to enter immunisations you'll love Smart Clinic!

Download instructions: Right mouse click on the download button below and select "Save Target As" and save it to a folder within the WES. Then run the Excel report from the folder and not from the download button below.

Download for Cardiff & Vale! Updated: 04/12/2019 ready for 2019-20 v1.9

v1.9 updated to fix error in code as children under 18 were showing an error in Age column

Download for Cwn Taf!

Download for Mid & West Wales!

Download for North Wales!

Updated: 16/09/2018
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2010 works with Excel 2007 and higher.

V1.7 updated for 2018-19

v1.6 - Adjust made for age. It now includes an "Age as at" column that will calculate the age as of this date. This applies to patients that border the starting age ranges.

v1.5 - Change made to East & South Wales Open Exeter pay codes for 2017

v1.4 - Amendment made to Shingles claim codes, so that 71 to 74 and 77 to 78 are coded correctly as a catchup rather than showing outside age range.

Head of Household - Mail Merge

Below will compile a list of patients using the family number in Vision, then sorts by age and removes all duplicate family numbers leaving the oldest family member. It includes patient details and address that will enable you to do a mail merge to the head of each household, rather than every patient.

These 2 versions are for Vision DLM485 and above. It will also highlight patients under 18 yrs of age that are not linked to a family address.

No Vision searches are needed, just download one of the 2 Excel versions below, open the Excel workbook, and click the compile button.

If you want to get the finished Excel list back into Vision, follow this link for instructions:

Free Download! (for Microsoft Excel 2003)

Updated: 17/09/2016 - Version 1.1 (Post DLM485+)

Free Download! (for Microsoft Excel 2007 and above)

Updated: 21/05/2016 - Version 1.0 (Post DLM485+)

The Excel workbook below is for Vision pre DLM485 and will require a Vision search to be exported to P:\Extract folder and includes instructions

Free Download!

Updated: 16/06/2015 - Version 2.0 (Pre DLM485)
Tested on Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2010

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