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Free Vision Recall Wizard!Vision 3 Recall Wizard

This will extract all the Vision 3 recalls within your defined time frame and display them in Microsoft Excel.

It also includes the patients demographic details with their latest telephone, mobile number and email address

Download - Recall Wizard (DLM485+)

Last updated: 28/04/2017 v3.0
Works on LAN or hosted environments (AEROS/WES etc...)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Once downloaded, click RUN and UNZIP. It will by default extract to O:\Download\Excel folder.

How to use the Vision Recall Wizard

Note: *.xls is for Microsoft Excel 2003. *.xlsm is for Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 and above

  1. Open the Microsoft Excel workbook called "Vision Recall Wizard"
  2. Enter your date range for your recalls due
  3. Click the compile button

Enter Date Range and Compile

Here is some additional information that may help you...

How to filter recalls in Excel

You will see a drop down list arrow on each column, click this and select the items within the list that you want to see in your spreadsheet.

There is also a column for months and years that may also help you define the group of patients you want to recall.


How to copy the filtered list on to another spreadsheet

Once you have filtered and are happy with the list of patients, if you want to copy them away follow these steps:

  1. Press F5 on your keyboard to invoke the Go To screen
    Go To (F5)
  2. Click the Special button
  3. Select Visible cells only
    Go To Special
  4. Click OK
  5. Click the Copy button or Press Ctrl+C
  6. Press Ctrl+N to create a new Excel Workbook or click the New button
  7. Select the cell A1 in the top left corner and click Paste or press Ctrl+V

How to save the new filtered list as a CSV file

If you want to import these patients back into Vision to produce invite letters, you will need to save it ideally as a CSV file, but it will accept it as an Excel file as long as you only have one worksheet in it.

  1. Press Ctrl+S or click the Save button
  2. When the Save As dialog box opens change "Save as Type" to CSV (Comma delimited)
  3. Name your CSV file
  4. Choose a folder to save it to. (Please remember this folder location)
  5.  How to import the CSV file into Vision as a patient group
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