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Free AHK Scripts for Vision 3

If you have any repetitive tasks within Vision that you would like automated, whether it be for a one off project or continual usage, we would be pleased to write it for you.

These little scripts can be written to perform in many different ways, i.e. your task could run when a specific window opens, or you may have it assigned to a hotkey on your keyboard or even a floating toolbar button or open specific external files automatically.

The possibilities are virtually endless. All the scripts listed below are freely available for you to download and use within Vision.

However, if you aren't able to find what you need here, and would like us to write a specific script for your Vision practice, please email us detailing what action you would like carried out.

Listed below are a variety of free task driven scripts written to provide additional support for Vision users. You may also want to review all our free assessments/risk tools for Vision 3 as well.

Note: All our free programs on this web page are subject to our freeware licence agreement.

Table of Contents...

Please note: due to future Vision updates, some of these scripts may no longer function as they should!
Please email us as to which script has now stopped working and we will resolve it as soon as possible and publish the new version.

Minor Surgery DES - London

This little program will make sure that every minor surgery claim is successful. It will present all you need to quickly add the correct read codes for claiming and will not let the user proceed unless all the correct fields have been selected.

Free Download!

It will work on all hosted systems or LAN sites
Updated: 27/11/2016 - Version 2.0 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Open Vision+ Calculators from within V3 Guideline

These hotkey files will allow you to open the following Vision+ calculators: Oxford Hip Score, Oxford Knee Score, CHA2DS2-VASc, QRISK2, Spirometry and eFragility Index from within a Vision 3 Guideline.

Select the Application option in the Vision 3 Guideline when in Maintain mode and point them to each executable file.

Once a hotkey has been run it will create a txt file such as AHKSend_Knee.txt or AHKSend_Hip.txt etc that includes the Send commands to get to the specific questionnaires. You may adjust these commands accordingly to suit your version of Vision+ as some countries will have more of less calculators which will alter their position.

If you want to use on of these hotkeys to open a different calculator, just copy the executable to it's own folder so it doesn't overwrite the txt file and then change the Send command in the txt file to suit.

Start the download which will extract the files to O:\Download\Guidelines\AHK\VPlus

Free Download!

It will work on all hosted systems or LAN sites
Updated: 21/03/2018
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Copy H+C No to Windows Clipboard (NI only)

This little program will copy the H+C No from the Consultation Manager title bar so that it can be pasted into another field.

Once the program is running press Shift+Insert to copy the H+C No, then press Ctrl+V to paste it into any other text field.

The H+C Number must be displayed in the Consultation Manager title bar area. If it is not please go to your set up area in Consultation manager and switch it on under the General tab.

Free Download!

It will work on all hosted systems or LAN sites
Updated: 25/01/2016 - Version 1.0 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Medical History Hotkey for Vision Guideline

This AHK script will allow you to automatically configure any of the fields in the History - Add entity you want to run from your guideline.

How it works:

  1. Click "Start Download Now" to extract the executable file, which by default goes to the folder O:\Download\AHK (Change to suit)
  2. When the Medical History.exe file is run for the first time it will automatically create and open an Hx-Medical History.ini file in the same folder
  3. Change the details after the "=" sign to suit.
    • GuiTitle= is displayed in any information prompts should you have entered something wrong.
    • ReadCode= is mandatory and can be the partial Read code WITHOUT #
    • Episode= is the Episode Type word and may be left blank, in which case it will use the Vision default
    • Character= is the Characteristic word and may be left blank, in which case it will use the Vision default
    • Priority= is the number from 0 to 9 you wish to assign to this entry
    • Comments= is the default text you would like to add to this entry
    • AutoAdd= must be either Yes or NO. If Yes it will just enter the details automatically. If No it will wait for you to press the OK button to save the data.

NOTE: You may create as many different hotkeys as you like (even in the same folder). You just need to:

  1. Copy the current executable file and give it a different name.
  2. Copy the current *.ini file and give it the same name as the executable file, but it MUST start with Hx-

As an example if the executable file is called Carer.exe the ini file MUST be called: Hx-Carer.ini

Free Download!

It will work on all hosted systems or LAN sites
Updated: 05/03/2018 - Version (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Click here to see how you can add this hotkey as a button within your Vision guideline

Hotkey for Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy

This hotkey quickly adds the "pertussis vaccination in pregnancy" Read code 6556 needed for CQRS.

Add the quick access button to your local guideline index using the instructions above

Free Download!

It will work on all hosted systems or LAN sites
Updated: 24/12/2015 - Version 1.1 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Switch Signing GP

This little script will change the "Prescriber to sign" to either the patients Usual, Registered or a selected GP.

Prescriber to Sign

When the Prescription Manager screen is active, it will do this automatically for every patient or you may control it manually by pressing a hotkey.


Once the program is running, change settings by right mouse clicking on the program icon in the notification area (by the system clock) and select "Setup Signing GP" as shown in the image above.

When entering a "Selected GP" name into the field, it must be typed exactly as shown in Vision. Typing a unique name will add it to the drop down list for future selection. If you wish to remove a name use the Edit GP's button.

Free Download!

This script will work in all environments with EPS enabled or not.
Updated: 25/03/2015 - Version 1.3 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Smart Clipboard

This hotkey program will store any amount of text information in a list view. You may then double-click on any of your numerous default text lines in the list and it will save it to the Microsoft Windows clipboard. Then simply click into any text program and use the Paste command or Ctrl+V.

If you have a lot of repetitive things you always want to record, this is an ideal way to store them and use them.

Open the File menu and create a desktop shortcut or use the Autostart up hotkey program to open this each time you open Vision, finally add a button to your local guideline index (instructions shown above)

Smart Clipboard

Free Download!

Updated: 20/11/2014
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Automatically open a merge document from in a guideline

This hotkey will automatically open any document via Add > Correspondence, so that you may launch it from within a Vision guideline.

All you need do is put the 2 files (AutoOpenDoc.exe and Path.ini) into there own folder (in a shared drive). This means that you can have many different documents opening within the same or other guidelines, just so long as each of the 2 files reside in a unique folder.

The AutoOpenDoc.exe file will read the details held within the Path.ini file and launch the document.

There are 3 keys you need to amend in the Path.ini file under the Document section:

Once you have edited the Path.ini file, you just need to add the hotkey (AutoOpenDoc.exe) into your guideline, using the details show above. (i.e. Create a link to your hotkey in Consultation Manager)

Click the download button below to extract the 2 files you need to create as many links to documents as you like.

Free Download!

Updated: 21/08/2014 (DLM485 ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Automatically Startup any number of programs when opening VisionVision AutoStart

This little hotkey has been designed for hosted sites, that are unable to add programs to the normal startup folder. It will create a new red Vision icon on your desktop and when you start Vision from this red icon it will automatically startup any other program(s) you add to a Startup file.

When initially extracted it will display a start.txt file to allow you to add the FULL PATH details for each program you wish to open automatically when opening Vision. Add each program path on a separate line in the txt file.

A control panel interface can be opened by starting AutoStart-Setup.exe, which is located in the O:\Download\AUTOSTARTUP folder to help with future edits.


Free Download!

Updated: 20/09/2014 Version 2.0 (DLM485 Ready)
Now works on all hosted sites: AEROS, WES, etc...
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Auto Switch Prescriber

This utility will read the patients registration status and switch the prescriber in consultation manager. You set the registration status you want it to trigger on and set the prescriber name as written in consultation manager clinician field.

This is useful for sites that want a different prescriber selected based on a specific type of registration status.

When the program is first opened it will ask you to enter your preferred prescriber and the registration status you want it triggered by. If you wish to change this at anytime, right mouse click on the icon located near the system clock.

Free Download!

Updated: 13/02/2015 - Version 1.10 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Bulk Emailing Utility from Excel

This little program will format a list of email addresses copied from Excel and prepare them so that they can be pasted into the Bcc field in an email.

IMPORTANT: Please use the Bcc field when wanting to send an email to multiple recipients, as this hides each recipients email address from all other recipients in the email. Where as using To and Cc will disclose each persons email address.

Free Download!

Updated: 16/10/2013 - Version 1.00
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Email Vision Search

Smart Desktop Clock

Free Download!

Updated: 09/10/2013 - Version 1.00
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Fancy Desktop Clock

Floating Calendar Clock

Calendar ClockDesigned for hosted solutions

Floating Clock

Free Download!

Updated: 09/10/2013 - Version 1.00
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Copy Text into a Medical History entity in Vision

As Vision doesn't have a spell checker, this little script allows you to enter your consultation text into any word processor that does have a spell checker (like Microsoft Word), you can then press either Ctrl+Insert on your keyboard to copy all the text into a Vision Medical History entity or WinFlag+Insert to copy any text you have highlighted.

Note: Both shortcut keys will now append data.

You must have a consultation started and if no medical history entity is found it will open one automatically, otherwise it will use the one already open.

Once downloaded double-click to start the program. If you need a reminder of the shortcut keys right mouse click on the icon in the notification area.

Right Mouse Icon Menu Options

Free Download!

Updated: 24/12/2015 - Version 1.02 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Fix Position for Yellow Patient Reminder

This little program will automatically move the yellow reminder to a position on the screen set by you.

 It will only move the reminder if the consultation is started. However, there is also a shortcut key Win+F6 that will move it to your preferred position instantly no matter what.

To set up your preferred position; run the program and then right mouse click on the icon in the notification area and select "Enter Reminder Position". The set up screen will display your current screen resolution, which you will need to keep within. In the example below this would be within 1280 x 1024, and as the reminder needs to be seen on the screen you will also need to keep your settings about 100 pixels below these figures. Just keep changing the figures until you are happy.

Set Screen Position                                        Set up Screen

Free Download!

Updated: 28/06/2016 - Version 1.1 (DLM485 Ready)
Version: 1.1 - Now opens the reminder if it isn't open by pressing the shortcut key Win+F6
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Bulk add Patient Warnings

This executable will automatically add a patient warning text to every patient defined in a patient group selected from within Consultation Manager. Note: You will not be able to use the computer while the macro script is running.

Free Download!

Updated: 26/5/2017 - Version 3.1 (DLM485 Ready)

v3.1 This updated version allows for line breaks when adding the message text to each patient warning and the code has been updated to make it more reliable when cycling through a large group or patients.

Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Preferred Pharmacy Hotkey

This hotkey will quickly show the preferred pharmacy setup in Vision for the patient within Consultation Manager (if at all), rather than having to keep referring to the preferences tab on the patient details screen. It will also take you immediately to the set up screen to amend or add a pharmacy.

It reads the information from the Patient Details tab, therefore this screen must exist in the patient record view.

Once you have double-clicked the executable a pill icon will be displayed by the system clock, which has some right mouse click features to enable you to add a shortcut icon to your desktop or add to the startup folder if you manage your own surgery server.

The hotkey is Ctrl+Home on the keyboard.
These are examples of a message prompt (shown below) when you press this key.

No Pharmacy      Selected Pharmacy

Free Download!

Updated: 21/09/2014 - Version 3.00
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement
Now has a digital certificate to work on hosted sites as well.

This new version has been designed for EPS sites, in that it will show the preferred pharmacy and if it needs updating take the user to the screen, but unlike the one above it will not open the preferred pharmacy screen, because in EPS users have 3 choices.

Although the preferred pharmacy is different from a nominated dispenser, if a nominated dispenser is selected it will update the preferred pharmacy automatically. Users will know the difference when they go to prescribe via the nomination tick being present or not in the prescribing manager screen.

Eventually Vision will display the nominated dispenser in the prescribing manager screen, but until then this will help.

Please note that this has not been tested in a live site, and we cannot test it in-house as we need N3 and smart card access.
Therefore, if it doesn't display the preferred pharmacy please let us know.

Mobile Number Tidy Tool for NHS Bulk SMS Messaging

This program has been designed to format mobile numbers so that they can be pasted directly into the SMS message recipient textbox to enable bulk messaging.

Export the mobile numbers from Vision and open in Microsoft Excel, then run the program below...

The program has also been updated to remove any A-Z letter characters from the mobile number lines.

Free Download!

Updated: 24/05/2014
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Automatically create a patient group in Vision

This little script was first designed by Kevin Mullan (Vision Trainer) but has now been tweaked by myself to enable you to automatically create a patient group in Vision using either the PAT_ID/NHS No/CHI No/H+C/Database_id from an external list such as an Excel spreadsheet or any other text based  application.

When using data within Microsoft Excel, this new all in one version will automatically:

Additional Updates:

Version 4.1: updated in preparation for DLM440 which uses a different front screen code. Otherwise the program would not know you were signed into Vision and would not run.

Version 4.3: Now includes an additional format in the drop down list for Scotland - NHS Numbers. This option will basically accept any format.

Tested up to DLM450

Free Download!

Version 4.3 04/02/2014 (DLM485 Ready)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement


H+C numbers exported from Vision show as NHS numbers in Excel, please make sure that you select H+C numbers in this program if that's how they are selected in Vision.

Auto-Complete Outstanding Action Copies

This little program will TRY and complete each outstanding action copy automatically. However, the refresh rate time interval when completing each message varies immensely depending on how many messages are shown in the list view. Therefore you will have to use the Date Filter in Mail Manager to reduce the amount of messages shown in the list, as well as alter the millisecond delay interval in this program to suit the refresh rate in Mail Manager.

Note: That this will only complete action copies, i.e. messages with outstanding actions.

Free Download!

Version 4.10 - Updated: 04/06/2014 (DLM460)
Subject to Freeware Licence Agreement

Download Instructions

If on a hosted server please make sure that you download and install this within your hosted environment, i.e. you must be able to see the Vision icon on your desktop.

  1. Click the "Free Download!" button
  2. Click "Save" at the Security Warning screen prompt
  3. Select a folder to save the file into and click the "Save" button
  4. When download is complete click "Open Folder" button. ( or open the folder yourself, i.e. previous step)
  5. Just double-click on any of the hotkey executable to run them.

Note: Some of these scripts may have a right mouse click option to either save to desktop or start up folder. However, if on a hosted site you cannot save it to the start up folder, therefore you must use either the desktop or add a link from within Consultation Manager.

Create a link to your hotkey in Consultation Manager

This will provide a button for your hotkey in a guideline or local index.

  1. Open Consultation Manager
  2. Press F12 on your keyboard to open the "Local Guideline Index"
  3. Click on the "Maintain" button in the guideline toolbar (shown as a pencil, ruler and set square)
  4. Click "Application" button on the new toolbar shown on the right of the screen
  5. Click "Browse" button and locate the folder where you saved the program
  6. Change "Files of Type" drop down list to shown "All Files"
  7. Select the program file or hotkey  (i.e.  Preferred Pharmacy.exe)
  8. Click "Open" button
  9. Type a description such as "Start Preferred Pharmacy Hotkey"
  10. If you like buttons remove the tick from "Display as icon"
  11. Click "OK"
  12. Click on the "Maintain" button in the guideline toolbar (shown as a pencil, ruler and set square) to save

You have now successfully created a link to the hotkey for all vision users in your surgery and you can use this process to add as many programs website addresses and hotkeys as you wish to a guideline for easy access within Consultation Manager.

Licence Agreement

You are granted a non-exclusive Licence to use the Software for any purposes for an unlimited period of time. The software product under this Licence is provided free of charge.

Even though a license fee is not paid for the use of Freeware Version software, it does not mean that there are no conditions for using such software:

  1. The Software may be installed and used by the Licensee for any legal purpose.
  2. The Software may be installed and used by the Licensee on any number of systems.
  3. The Software can be copied and distributed under the condition that original copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty will stay intact, and the Licensee will not charge money or fees for the Software product, except to cover distribution costs.
  4. The Licensee will not have any proprietary rights in and to the Software. The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the Licensor retains all copyrights and other proprietary rights in and to the Software.
  5. Use within the scope of this Licence is free of charge and no royalty or licensing fees shall be paid by the Licensee.

Read the full version of the Freeware Licence Agreement

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