Smart Clinic

Immunisation Clinic Lists

There are 4 immunisation clinic icons to help quickly find the immunisations you are looking for.

Clinic Lists

Each list can be customised to only show relevant immunisations that you use all the time.

The same immunisation can also be shown in multiple clinic lists.

Customise Clinic Lists

Click the Filter icon (shown below) to display the Immunisation Selection screen

Imm Filtered List

This will allow you to define all the immunisations that show in each clinic list.

Amend Imm Filters

It is also possible to assign a hotkey to an immunisation, which will automatically jump to this immunisation rather than having to use a mouse. You may set up to 9 immunisation hotkeys.

Customise Special Risk Reasons

When selecting Special Risk as a reason for an immunisation you may either type out the reason(s) in the text field or select from a preset list of conditions. This preset list may be amended to suit each practice.

Special Risk Reason

  1. Click the List menu and select Special Risk Reasons
    Select Special Risk reasons
  2. Use either the Add, Edit or Delete buttons to amend the list
    Special Risk List
  3. When using Edit or Delete select the condition in the list first

Customise Immunisation Rules

This section should be used with caution and is initially setup to use the Vision immunisation rules on how each immunisation is entered. Although you may amend these settings in Smart Clinic to suit your practice methods of data entry, you may still find that the Vision screen prompts may still appear when adding the data to the patient record.

Vision immunisation rules are taken from the Department of Health Green book for Immunisation against infectious disease, but where changes have taken place that effect these current rules you can apply these changes immediately, until such time as they are changed within Vision.

Caution: Any changes to Vision immunisation rules or the Green Book will be changed by us in a software update. Therefore any changes you may have made for an immunisation may be overwritten, so that Smart Clinic abides by the same rules as Vision and the Department of Health.

Changes to this screen are audited

These rules are a guide to default settings when selecting an immunisation and may therefore not be the final result of what has been entered into the patient record as the user may change these defaults before data entry.

The immunisation rules allow a practice to change:

To amend these rule:

  1. Select an immunisation
  2. Click the List menu and select Immunisation Rules
    Select Immunisation Rules
  3. Amend the rules to suit your practice and click the Update button
    Immunisation Rule

Customise Contraindications and Allergies

These alerts may also be customised by adding or removing Read codes from the Contraindications and Allergies list

This section should be used with caution and changes to this screen are audited

  1. Select an Immunisation
  2. Click the List menu and select Contraindications and Allergies
    Customise Allergy Codes
  3. Add a new Read code or remove an existing one and click Update
    Each immunisation is shown with its Read code and an editable list of codes along side it. Allergy Code

If you amend the list of Read codes, note that each Read code entered is separated by a comma


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