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Bradley Sieve (Freeleance I.T. Consultant)

Bradley Sieve

I’ve been involved in training since 1996, previously working for ICON Office Solutions for 17 years, where I started as an engineer. Then soon got a reputation as someone who was good at solving problems and became a trouble-shooter, after which I finally progressed to National I.T Manager for the UK, which is where I found my enjoyment in teaching.

However after a company takeover, I decided to take voluntary redundancy in 1999 when it came up for offer due to the different direction the new owners were taking the company. After a few months of uncertainty, I found In Practice Systems were looking for a few freelance trainers, and I’ve never looked back since. Vision have been and are a wonderful company to work with.

This website originally came about because I grew tired of carrying loads of paperwork around with me, so I built this site to store the documentation and help guides, and as technology evolved documentation soon turned into videos, as it saves a whole lot of typing!

Still to this day you'll find that 99% of material on this website is still totally free, there are no annual joining fees, you don't have to be a member of anything, and it’s available to everybody. The support offered in this website hopefully makes each day a little easier to understand software.

In Practice Systems are very much aware of this website, but we ask that anybody using or referencing anything obtained from here should not ring the Vision helpline, but instead use our contact details:

This site has grown quickly so it’s hard to keep up with changes. Please feel free to email me about anything found on this website.

Due to the vast amount of knowledge acquired over all these years working with the Vision software, many people use me as an alternative to direct Vision support. However, please bear in mind that you do actually pay Vision for support each year, while my assistance is provided freely.

Consequently, if something is going to take a fair amount of time, you may be asked if you'd either prefer to contact Vision directly or contribute something for the amount of work involved in the task at hand, of which an invoice can be raised directly with yourselves or arrange a BACs payment.

If you would like to know anything more, please do not hesitate to get in contact on 01359 242146 or email
References can be provided upon request. We look forward to hearing from you.
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