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Smart Clinic Updates

Click Smart Clinic Help menu to check you have the latest version.

If you feel that this program may still be improved, please submit your request for change to, as it's only this good because of your feedback!

Smart Clinic (v5.39)

Release 04/10/2017 includes:

If you have v5 Smart Clinic already installed, please download this update to obtain all the new features. Downloading this update will retain all your current data and settings.

Download v5.39 UPDATE here!

Smart Clinic (v5.36)

Release 04/09/2017 includes:

Smart Clinic (v5.34)

Follow this link for more information on all the new updates

Smart Clinic (v5.33)

Smart Clinic (v5.32)

Smart Imm Clinic (v5.17)

Smart Imm Clinic (v4)

However, for sites still not yet on DLM485 or higher you may download a licence extension below.

Extend v4 Smart Imm Clinic

This file is password protected, you must obtain a valid licence for 2017-18

For sites still not on Vision DLM485 or higher you may still download and install the 7 day demo version

Demo v4 Smart Imm Clinic

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