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Smart Clinic provides the solution for simple multi-data entry, intelligent immunisation monitoring, stock control, storage management to satisfy CQC requirements, and stored quick links to websites, emails, practice documents, other programs and notes!

2018 now features the popular all new Smart Flu Clinic click the link for more information

Smart Flu Clinic Demonstration Video YouTube Link

The example below demonstrates how much accurate and useful data can be recorded in just a few clicks using Smart Clinic!

One click Imm data recorded by Smart Clinic

It can get quite stressful in a busy clinic trying to remember to do everything. Well Smart Clinic will alleviate this problem, because it enables you to prepare your data ahead of time makes data entry quick and simple. This means you spend more time with the patient than on the computer system.

"Why not download and try it out for yourselves!"

No installation needed, just unzip it and your ready to go! Works in ALL Microsoft Windows® environments including hosted, AEROS, WES, etc...

However you MUST be on Vision DLM485 or higher to use this version.

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Download this Smart Clinic Quick tips document!

TailorMade Info Technology Solutions Ltd is an Alliance Partner of Vision (In Practice Systems Ltd)
Smart Clinic v5 is a licensed Vision approved program.

Smart Clinic requires a yearly practice licence to be purchased. This means it may be used across all your branches for an unlimited amount of users at a cost of £138.00 ex VAT. Purchasing is made within the program. Subject to our EULA / Privacy Policy

Please review the user guide for more detailed information or contact us at

Recent Testimonials 2017-18:

Essex House Surgery

Plumstead High Street Surgery

Practice Manager: "Everyone loves this new Smart Clinic - thanks for a brilliant piece of kit!"

We have around 200 practices throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales using Smart Clinic all year round and continue to renew, because they see the benefits the program provides them.

We are more than happy to provide references and a practice contact near you, so you to may hear these benefits directly from our customers.

"Entering clinical data and controlling stock has never been so quick and simple!"

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These improvements are all driven by your customer feedback, so please do continue to contribute and provide us with your valuable feedback. We want to deliver what you want, so feel free to tell us!

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