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Smart Clinic

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Smart Clinic provides the solution for simple multi-data entry, intelligent immunisation monitoring, stock control, storage management to satisfy CQC requirements, and stored quick links to websites, emails, practice documents, other programs and notes!

It can get quite stressful in a busy clinic trying to remember to do everything. Well Smart Clinic will alleviate this problem, because it enables you to prepare your data ahead of time. This means you spend more time with your patients than on the computer system.

Smart Clinic is an approved Alliance Partner for Vision (In Practice Systems)

"Why not download and try it out for yourselves!"

No installation needed, just unzip it and your ready to go! Works in ALL Microsoft Windows® environments including hosted, AEROS, WES, etc...

However you MUST be on Vision DLM485 or higher to use this version.

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TailorMade Info Technology Solutions Ltd is an Alliance Partner of Vision (In Practice Systems Ltd)
Smart Clinic v5 is a licensed Vision approved program.

Smart Clinic requires a yearly practice licence to be purchased. This means it may be used across all your branches for an unlimited amount of users at a cost of £85.00 ex VAT. Purchasing is made within the program. Subject to our EULA

Please review the user guide for more detailed information or contact us at

If you want to know more about the many features in Smart Clinic just keep reading... or take a look at some of our slide show tutorials

2017 Testimonials:

Essex House Surgery

Plumstead High Street Surgery

Practice Manager: "Everyone loves this new Smart Clinic - thanks for a brilliant piece of kit!"

Smart Clinic v5 - New Features in 2017

Due to the vast extra capabilities now built into our program, we've had to change the name from Smart Imm Clinic to "Smart Clinic", as it's much more than just a simple way to enter immunisations.

If your serious about stock control, then you are going to like all the new features we've added.

This latest version now includes:

Full stock control

You can now control all clinical stock that can be entered in Vision, including search & report capabilities and a full audit system

Stock Search & Reports

Storage Management

Smart Clinic enables you to detail your clinical stock items to meet CQC requirements, providing evidence based reporting on:

Note: All stock and storage management is optional

Treatment Type Regimes

This new data entry system provides a quick and simple way to enter multiple clinical terms for your everyday working procedures, such as administering B12, Minor Surgery, Depo-provera, Depixol, Prostap, Zoladex injections or Contraceptive Implants, IUDs, IUS etc...

Click here to see a short video tutorial on how treatment type regimes can benefit your clinical staff.

You can create an infinite list of Treatment regimes to suit your practice and way of working, providing consistency and enabling data accuracy within your busy clinic!

Treatment types are created by each practice. You decide what clinical codes you want to include and set default selections for priorities and comments, so everything is prepared for the busy clinic.

One click and all your selected items are recorded in the patient record.

Treatment Type 

Treatment types can be created with or without stock items to provide a data entry template for any type of systematic treatment. Non medical history items will display the actual Vision entity for further completion/review once a save button is clicked.

Click here to view our slide show tutorial on setting up your Treatment Type Regime

Quick access Smart Clinics

A default quick list can now be set up in Program Settings. These one click lists break up the vast amount of immunisations into smaller manageable lists for Child, Travel and Flu clinics, to save scrolling.

Immunisation Clinic Lists

Each immunisation shown in any clinic list can be customised by each practice, so you only see what you use, rather than immunisations you may never use. However, there is also a button for the full main list as well, just in case.

Clinical Judgment Code

Season influenza will display an additional icon for the Clinical Judgment code "9OX4 - Needs influenza immunisation" for patients not at risk and under 65 years.

Clinical Judgement Code

Drug & Non-Drug Allergy / Antibacterial Prescribing Alerts

New Alert icons! Click on any alert icon to view information about each alert

Drug & Non-Drug Allergy Alerts:

Allergy Alerts 

You will receive Allergy and Contraindication warnings in 3 modes for both drug and non-drug allergies:

The allergy alerts may also be customised by the practice, by adding or removing Read codes

Antibacterial medication alerts:


Immunisation Status Report

Immunisation Report

Click either alert to view the patients immunisation history within Smart Clinic.

Practice Links

The popular practice links has now been added to Smart Clinic v5. It mimics a practice file organiser bringing together useful information, whether stored within your practice or externally via the internet, giving you quick access to popular files, websites, email or just general notes.

Practice Links

Smart Clinic - Immunisation Management

Smart Clinic has read/write capabilities directly with Vision and is able to read the patient record and report back allergy warnings and prescribed antibacterial medication, also missing immunisations and preset the next appropriate stage for each immunisation. It also enables accurate payment codes to be applied to each immunisation for submissions to organisations like Open Exeter.

The reason why Smart Clinic makes it so easy to enter data is that it allows you to be prepared before the clinic!

The batch details screen is where all the essential data can be stored in advance and it is here that you decide how the data should be recorded into the patient record. This then enables quick and accurate multi-data entry each time an immunisation is administered with the click of a button!

Batch Details 

Once batches have been entered and the clinic starts; all staff need do is:

  1. Select the appropriate batch
  2. Check and change patient specific details like site of administration and reason
  3. Click Save.

It then enters all the preset data from your batch details into Vision automatically.

In fact it can record all this data with just a single click:

"Now that's a lot of data in one click, saving a massive amount of time!"

Helpful advice

Smart Clinic is aware of the child's age you have selected in Vision and will provide guidance support.

Advice on Age Given

This guidance is based on the Green Book rules at the time of downloading the program, but may be adjusted by the practice should NHS rules change via the List menu > Immunisation Rules

Setup Immunisation Defaults

All the immunisation default rules including preferred site, method, reason, age given between, due dates and stage are customisable to give you total control on how your practice prefers to administer immunisations.

Immunisation Rules

Quick access to additional immunisation specific codes

Some immunisations have a list of useful clinical terms that can be quickly accessed and recorded directly into the patient record, if the "Other Immunisation Terms" icon appears.

Additonal Immunisation terms

Smart Clinic - Data Entry

There are now two methods of data entry in Smart Clinic:

Patient Mode

Patient Mode is what you have been use to over the past 12 years and works with the patient record open in Vision, with a few changes to the screen design, except a little more intelligence now it can read the patient record.

As soon as the immunisation is selected; Smart Clinic would have already ascertained the correct stage, selected the method, claim code (if applicable), preferred site, next due date and reason. Consent given is the default

When saving to Vision; Smart Clinic will automatically add all the data with a single click!

Patient Mode

List Mode

This feature taps into Vision Appointments and Patient Groups allowing you to enter immunisation or treatment type data directly from these Vision patient lists.

Selecting a patient from either list, will show patient demographic details in the top section of the screen as shown below.

Alerts for both drug and non-drug allergies are displayed, including any antibacterial medication alerts.

 You can view/print a patients complete immunisation history, listed by their age.

There is also a quick link to open the patient record in Consultation manager for the active patient currently showing in Smart Clinic. Alternatively, search a patient from within Smart Clinic, using our Smart Search feature The Smart Clinic banner will change colour to a red background if the selected patient is transferred out or purple if different from the patient currently open in Vision.

Vision has a different patient selected than the one selected in Smart Clinic

Different patient than selected in Vision 

Inactive Patient in Vision

Transferred out

Appointment List

This will allow you to display any session for a book owner and filter the list by specific slot type and appointment status, e.g. so you only see patients that have arrived and are waiting and not DNA's or have not been booked in.

Appointment cards will also show contact details with the live status.


Patient Groups

You can select any patient group currently in Vision and the list works in the same way as the appointment list explained above.

Patient Groups

We have around 200 practices throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales using Smart Clinic all year round and continue to renew, because they see the benefits the program provides them. We are more than happy to provide references and a practice contact near you, so you to may hear these benefits directly from our customers.

"Entering immunisations and controlling stock has never been so quick and simple!"

Download Free Evaluation 

These improvements are all driven by your customer feedback, so please do continue to contribute and provide us with your valuable feedback. We want to deliver what you want, so feel free to tell us!

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